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For twenty six years Merritt Advisors, has been an independent hands-on consulting and management resource to lower mid- to middle market companies. We help our clients grow, become more profitable, increase their company’s value and turnaround and restructure distressed situations. In short, we find and help implement solutions to business problems that keep our clients from achieving their goals to create lasting, meaningful transformation.

We work closely with our clients to become a part of their success, guided by a professional philosophy that believes our clients deserve the best advice available to them, regardless of the size or complexity of the transaction involved. We serve our clients in a range of advisory, consulting, and interim management roles which we provide to corporate boards, management, lenders, investors and law firms.

Over the past twenty six years, we have completed over 100 engagements, developing wide ranging industry experience with clients in manufacturing, distribution, energy services, and business services. From this combination of specific expertise, critical insight, and broad industry and managerial experience we are able to solve our client’s most challenging business problems.

Why We Are Different

We focus on quickly identifying the problems and developing solutions. We work swiftly to make decisions that will change the course of the business.

We deliver executable business and strategic plans.

We possess the critical strategic, operational, organizational and financial expertise that is necessary to impact growth, profitability and cash flow.

Turnaround & Crisis Management


It’s not usually one big error in judgement or a wrong critical decision that leads to the failure of a business.

More commonly, the causes of failure are several mistakes whose consequences were ignored or overlooked by company management.

We work quickly to identify these mistakes and implement solutions. Our principals are knowledgeable and flexible and take a hands-on approach. We offer a range of financial and operational restructuring solutions.

Performance Improvement / Value Creation Services


Our performance improvement and value creation services are designed to create new and better strategies, develop new products and services, expand into new markets, rethink business models and become more efficient to create competitive advantages. In short, we help devise and execute client’s strategic vision and dramatically improve performance. We work closely with management to overcome business challenges and capture opportunities by focusing on growing clients and increasing their profitability and cash flow.

Lender / Creditor Advisory


Our services to lenders and unsecured creditors are designed to assist in determining a plan of action that maximizes recoveries from distressed borrowers, whether they are in the early stages of decline or deeply distressed. We assess the key areas of lender/creditor concerns by analyzing the borrower’s liquidity position, operations, management and business plan to:

  • Understand the depth of the cash flow problem
  • Determine the time frame to act
  • Evaluate the lender’s probable recovery

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