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Lender / Creditor Advisory

Defining The Problem

Our services to lenders and unsecured creditors are designed to assist in determining a plan of action that maximizes recoveries from distressed borrowers, whether they are in the early stages of decline or deeply distressed. We assess the key areas of lender/creditor concerns by analyzing the borrower’s liquidity position, operations, management and business plan to:

  • Understand the depth of the cash flow problem
  • Determine the time frame to act
  • Evaluate the lender’s probable recovery

We also provide lenders/creditors with contingency planning to determine the best plan to recover their debt and the probability of success. Contingency plans include:


  • Additional capital injection to refinance existing debt
  • Out of court restructuring or bankruptcy filing
  • Selling the company or operations/assets to raise cash
  • Assistance with implementation of the determined course of action

How We Do It

We either act as consultants to lenders and debtors or as interim managers to:


  • Assist with determining a course of action through:
    • Business assessments
    • Contingency planning
  • Provide financial and operational restructuring solutions by:
    • Implementing an operational turnaround
    • Implementingafinancial turnaround, or both
  • Provide bankruptcy advisory services including:
    • Bankruptcy planning
    • Monitoring the borrower in bankruptcy, advising the lender/creditor during bankruptcy
    • Arranging Debtor-In-Possession financing
    • Becoming the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) for the debtor

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